The woman at the well –

Are you a victim of rejection? Perhaps you are discarded by society like the Samaritan woman who couldnt believe there was hope when Jesus reached into her heart.

Social structures and norms have in many cases promoted that divorce, broken relationships and social circumstances are matters that prevent women from embracing all that God has designed for her.

There was a time I walked through the valley of indescribable darkness and fear.  I was encouraged to arise from my brokeness and through my tunnel experience I learnt to surrender to a loving and ever present God, who over the next years would walk a painful journey with me – patiently and lovingly healing each wound I sustained through rejection and by hands I thought loved me.

The light and love of my heavenly Father pulled me free.  I have subsequently witnessed women in similar positions who are too afraid to step out and pursue their passions…..riddled with loneliness and fear.  

I trust these pages will light a fire of courage in the souls of women who read these words and are empowered to arise and embrace that which God has written upon the face of heaven; promises spoken and gifts that have their name inscribed upon it; Out of your pain and brokeness healing will be wrought for others.  

Whether sexually, physically or emotionally abused – whether divorced or in the process of a divorce, whether struggling with self esteem issues and bogged down by a hell gripping fear;

Maybe you are a victim of incest and or rape. A catalyst for abortion; love covers it all and Gods love wipes the slate clean ….

No matter what your past looks like, you can be free. Whether innocently accused, condemned by others or guilt-ridden, God says,

“Woman, you are free, go and sin no more”.

(C) 2012  – Beulah Faith Kleinveldt
Ministry and Conference Speaker and Singer, Facilitator / Coach / Author
For International and national ministry invitations or enquiries please contact / +27721220620


2 thoughts on “The woman at the well –”

  1. I remember David ‘s wife becoming angry at him for dancing and people tend to always speak about how she was cursed and her womb shut up if I am correct but what she went through because of Saul her father. That scarred her and so many of our women are similarly abused in variuous ways and need help and guidance to deal with issues. Yes she dealt with it in a negative manner as so many do but that is where we need those who have travelled that road to help them. Hope I am making some sense here.


    1. Hi Selwyn.

      Thank you for your comment. A rejected woman is an afraid woman. Negativity is a defense but isn’t always how she wishes to feel or react. She wants acceptance but it always seems to be out of her reach…for various reasons. But there is help and hope….and love. That’s the good news.


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